PM2.5 Sampler LV-250R

With this sampler, airborne particles in environmental air are aspirated in at a constant flowrate via a suction port. PM2.5 particles passed through an impactor are then collected on a filter.

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● The particle size separator used is compliant with the standard measurement method designated by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment.
● The constant flowrate unit keeps the suction flowrate constant, thus maintaining the particle separation characteristics of the impactor.
● It automatically corrects the suction flowrate for changes in the external air temperature or air pressure (actual flowrate control).
● It maintains a stable suction flowrate even with increases in filter pressure loss.
● The timer feature enables the user to set the sampling start time and stop time.
● The flowrate, time, temperature, and pressure are displayed.
● It is capable of storing (logging) measurement values, for processing on a computer. (A separate communication cable with software is required.)
● If a power outage causes a temporary stop, or problems with the flowrate or filter temperature occur, the time of the occurrence is recorded.
● The exterior has a urethane coating.


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