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In the modern world it’s easy to recognise when a change needs to be made, after all we live in a data driven society. Even the devices we carry around with us all day we happily call “phones” are really just data tracking devices allowing us to make educated changes to our lifestyle, finances, social life and health.

It seems odd then that something we all take for granted everyday and is widely available isn’t used to do the really important things more regularly, things like saving lives and preventing illness. One of the best examples of this is respiratory illness, disease and related fatalities. Do you know it’s estimated that over 500,000 people die every year from workplace induced respiratory illness? And it’s all preventable.

So what can we do?

Firstly, we need to understand the problem. Data is critical in this, and particulate monitoring has long been an expensive, complicated “black art” not available to the masses. Whilst monitoring isn’t a solution in it self, it is absolutely critical to making the right decisions to save lives and understand where the risk really lies.

In emerging economies such as West Africa this is particularly critical as sporadic and inconsistent data leads to poor decisions, poor protections, and poor results. Technologies are now available that are user friendly, accurate, and relatively low cost including maintenance and operation. Exposure is commonly expected in Mining or Stone industries, however many more people are unsuspectingly affected from construction, demolition, manufacturing, to support workers in offices and facilities within these industries, and even small independent workers such as road side businesses constantly exposed to plumes of road dust from passing traffic.

These often less aware sectors are regularly exposed to dangerous levels of this invisible killer and often by the time the damage has been done it’s far too late. This is where we can make a difference!

With real time data it’s easy to make decisions on the measures to be taken, to understand personal exposure levels and even have real time exposure warnings. We are giving the power back to the people to make their own decisions about protecting themselves and each other. Whilst hugely valuable at a personal level, this data can also be critical in taking national and even global action.

Helping us to understand the magnitude of the problem, understand the people most commonly effected and, to ultimately promote change, and save lives.

The Trolex XD One was designed to give real-time, user-friendly data and warnings to those who are at risk. Our aim is to educate, save lives and increase awareness.

If you want to know more about fixed or personal/portable particulate monitoring please get in touch. Together we CAN make a difference.

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