Sedulitas Pilot Pollution Mitigating Approach In West African Business Operations

We are excited to announce our presence in West Africa (WA) through Collins Gameli Hodoli (PhD). As a company dedicated to environmental sustainability, worker and public health protection, we will be piloting an approach in WA which we look forward to extending to all our global operational locations.

Per current research trends, air pollution is responsible for 780,000 deaths in Africa per annum (see for example Bauer et al., 2019). Also, UNICEF in a 2016 report indicated that approximately 520 million children in Africa are exposed to air pollution.

Further to this, scientific research findings have shown that exposure to air pollution at childhood is responsible for mental health issues such as bipolar disorder, depression, and schizophrenia in adulthood. As shown in studies (see for example Khan et al 2019), the majority of the population in developing economies such as those of many African countries, face a health and economic burden from exposure to air pollution.

The above findings are heart-breaking to our company as an entire generation and continent is at risk. We are looking to contribute a percentage of every business operation in West Africa to air pollution mitigation, worker and child health protection in Africa. This is in line with our company’s corporate social responsibility to protect the future leaders of developing economies for mutual benefit. We are counting on your patronisation to make this approach sustainable.

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