The MP-W5P minipump is a small, light-weight, portable air sampling suction pump (air pump) equipped with functionality for measuring accumulated flowrates.

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● The product is equipped with a flow sensor so it can directly measure the suction flowrate and digitally display the instantaneous flowrate and accumulated flowrate.
● Constant flowrate functionality is included to inhibit suction flowrate changes associated with suction pressure changes.
● You can select the display mode for the instantaneous flowrate and accumulated flowrate from the value converted based on temperature and atmospheric pressure (25 ℃ at 1 atm; 20 ℃ at 1 atm; 0 ℃ at 1 atm), or the actually measured flowrate.
● The flowrate range of this minipump is as wide as 0.050 to 5.00 L/min.
● It is as small as W95 × D56 × H95 so is convenient to carry around.
(This is the smallest among Sibata’s pumps that can pump at a flowrate larger than 3 L/min.)
● The product is CE marked.


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