Air Sampler Mini Pump MP-sigma100N 2

This is a small, light-weight, portable air suction pump (air pump) equipped with functionality for constant flowrates and measuring accumulated flowrates. Moreover, the MP-Σ100HNII provides the highest suction pressure among Sibata MP-ΣN series minipumps so that it can sample at a stable suction flowrate with respect to hazardous gas sorbents, etc. with high pressure loss. As its suction pressure is high and suction flowrate is stable, it can be widely used for sampling hazardous substances with high pressure loss in work environments, indoor environments, air environments, etc.

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● The product is equipped with a flow sensor so it can directly measure the suction flowrate and digitally display the instantaneous flowrate and accumulated flowrate.
● Constant flowrate functionality is included to inhibit suction flowrate changes associated with suction pressure changes.
● The instantaneous flowrate and accumulated flowrate are displayed as values converted to 25 ℃ at 1 atm (at the time of shipment).


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