Air Sampler Mini Pump MP=sigmaN 2 Series

MP-Σ (sigma) series products are small, light-weight, portable high-performance air suction pumps (air pump) equipped with the accumulated flowrate measurement function. As basic types, three types for 0.5 L/min, 3 L/min, and 5 L/min are available by flowrate range. As their suction flowrate is stable, they can be widely used for sampling hazardous substances in work environments, indoor environments, air environments, etc.

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● The product is equipped with a flow sensor so it can directly measure the suction flowrate and digitally display the instantaneous flowrate and accumulated flowrate.
● Constant flowrate functionality is included to inhibit suction flowrate drops associated with suction pressure increases, such as when collecting dust.
● Timer sampling can be performed in four modes (manual, countdown timer, volume timer, and cycle timer).
● The LC display has a backlight so you can check the displayed content such as flowrate even in a dark place.
● The level of backup filter contamination can be checked visually.
● It is equipped with a measurement data recording function and ten past measurement results can be checked on the main minipump unit as well as the computer.
• A quick charger (QC-10N) is not included.


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