Portable Airborne Bacteria Sampler IDC-500B

This sampling unit is used to check the number of microorganisms in a set amount of air, as environmental monitoring for general hygiene management. This instrument provides more reliable environmental monitoring than falling bacteria measurements, the results from which tend to change due to differences in various conditions.

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Airborne bacteria collected by the sampler are grown in a culture medium.
Airborne bacterial measurements, which were previously too expensive, can now be performed at a low price.
◎Small and Lightweight!
The main unit weighs only 650 g.
It is easy to transport.
◎Simple to Operate
After adding the culture medium, just select the size of the air sample, and the standby time until sampling starts!

Measurement Principles
Airborne bacteria collected by the sampler are impacted and collected in a culture medium.
Select from four sizes of the suctioned air sample (50, 100, 200, and 500 L) to suit the measurement environment.
After sampling is finished, the sample is cultivated, and the number of colonies is measured.

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