Micro 5 G222E Portable Gas Detector

Real-Time Compact Portable Multi-Gas Detector

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If you need to monitor 1 or 2 specific gases, the Micro 5 is the best choice. It can be equipped with either one or two electrochemical sensors, allowing you to reliably detect a variety of toxic gases, oxygen or hydrogen in different measuring ranges. The Micro 5 is approved for use in Ex zone 0. Its small and lightweight, yet still very durable design offers the best possible combination of safety and comfort to anybody carrying it. The measured values, types of gas, measuring ranges and charging status of the battery can be read on the display at any point. A single alkaline battery will power the device for up to three months of continuous operating time. If a dangerous gas concentration is detected, the Micro 5 will warn you using a visual, acoustic and vibration alarm.


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